I m 14 years old and am gay

Male Body Image: The Naked Truth

You could just be like, "Mom there is this girl" it would probably be best to say girl "at shool who says she is gay. I know this isn't really a health-related topic, but I don't know where else to turn. No, thanks Register.

And are surprised to meet a gay guy

Thank you so much. Sex in the context of caring about your partner and being intentional about what you both want is healthier—but your only opportunities to have sex are in a closet while drunk at a party. They made me uncomfortable at any chance they could get, and why? They should know that sex between a minor and an adult is illegal.

Since your column a couple of weeks ago was advice for coming out to your family, my related question is: What advice do you have for the family of someone who hasn't yet come out? As a society, we have failed to create enough spaces for gay youth to thrive, pushing them online and underground.

I m 14 years old and am gay
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