Most gay men are well in tune with their femininity

Because it strikes me that our relationship with our masculinity is much more complicated, intense and potentially troubling. And the conclusions have left me with an increased respect for women. Because yes, being gay can be tough. The suggestion by opponents of equality that male homosexual desire is inherently more "sexual" or more "hedonistic" than heterosexual desire is ludicrous.

As with any group of people, the sexual behavior of gay men varies tremendously from person to person, with some being very sexually active and others being almost completely celibate. This suggests why gay men who prefer the passive role sexually are often made to feel ashamed of this: because they see it as being linked to femininity.

In common with all human beings, gay men have sexual desire.

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Nope, not gay. Chicago: William Benton. Sensoria 11 , 70— Masculinity is created out of a collection of ideas that together generate the belief that maleness is a stable identity. Sex Roles 68 , —

Most gay men are well in tune with their femininity
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