For the gay: Oliver X

And over pretty much everyone he knows. And when there's unexpected results, can they get comfortable as a couple and face all the possible trials of a bonded pair? Fucking a cute guy! Could it be that love is only a couple of guitars away? Sold at auction to that worlds version of Oliver Queen, he learns how cruel and dark this Earth really is.

He and Oliver sure do have some things to work out.

So dive right How I came out as gay It

Much about CMFYN that filled me with love but also hurt me and made me cry many tears was it opened up thoughts that I had buried very deeply away. He eventually got drunk and doesn't remember anything that had happened afterward, but woke up in bed with a woman.

It works like a buried message between two people. It seemed that HE was the one who wrecked the relationship, but perhaps that was my own guilt that now needed to be looked at and maybe finally released from my subconscious.

For the gay: Oliver X
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