How to Cope When Your Spouse Is Gay

Be careful how you tell your children. Don't let fear hold you back. Back To Top. Set boundaries. We now talk about our deepest thoughts and feelings. No stylist, personal trainer, make-up artist, or mere living a healthy lifestyle can prepare a spouse for the moment they discover their partner would rather be messing up the sheets, and building a life with "one of their own kind.

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  • I honestly still love him. The results of this study are specific to the perceptions and context of the particular participants who partook, and are, therefore, more suggestive rather than conclusive.
  • Obviously, knowing that your spouse is gay or bisexual will challenge all your beliefs. In this study, the lived experiences of mothers and wives, whose voices may appear more silent in the context of a disclosure of a gay sexual orientation of their spouse, were explored.
  • They may also be able to offer some advice, and perhaps a counsellor that is gay themselves and can provide your husband with clarity. The accounts of heterosexual husbands were excluded, given the necessary homogeneity of our sample.

You have shown this by your wish to help your husband. The Sound of the Shuttle: In defence of the Protestant imagination. Everything was falling into place. We think it's just us but a real eye opener to discover this situation is more common than we think. Why me? Reach out and you will find so many good people.

How to Cope When Your Spouse Is Gay
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