The truth behind America’ s most famous gay- hate murder

Jimenez has been accused of being a revisionist, a criticism usually reserved for extreme rightwing ideologues that deny the Holocaust, and labelled a homophobe. They will remain invisible and lost. The folks in Laramie just had to take it, because a fellow who happened to be gay was murdered in their town.

Carrell, S.

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  • The year-old political science major at Laramie University stood only 5ft 2in, and his blond hair, braces and slight frame gave him an air of vulnerability and innocence. It sits in a flat, treeless sweep of high plains.
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  • Those facts, of course, don't make these deaths any less tragic, but understanding motivation does matter if we want to prevent these kinds of tragedies from happening in the future.
  • Matthew Shepard's only mistake was running into some homophobic Wyoming rednecks and, for that, he was now dead.

The men responsible for his death were convicted of first-degree murder and given two life sentences. Just 21 years old and a student at the University of Wyoming, Shepard would die five days after his body was found, in a hospital.

They were like the identity politics of criminal law. We owe that to the tens of thousands of donors, activists, volunteers and allies to the cause of equality who have made our work possible. I spoke to Waters, who has since retired from the police, having seen him praise The Book of Matt on social media.

The truth behind America’ s most famous gay- hate murder
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