There has been some loss of unique gay culture

Several cultures do not even have a concept of homosexuality, and a great many have little or no homosexuality at all. Is there a way to reverse this? But there are still enclaves of gay distinctiveness out there. The Aka had no concept of homosexuality, and it was absent from their culture.

A few old-school drag queens perform, but Landry sets the tone. Even gay political organizations often function more as social groups than as angry activist groups. Hays; Laurel S.

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there has been some loss of unique gay culture

No one is arguing that prejudice has come close to disappearing, especially outside major American cities, as waves of hate crimes, suicides by gay teenagers and workplace discrimination attest. Ideas and words are often products of their time. The younger gay generation is as psychologically evolved there as any place else.

It helped define us not only to the world but also to ourselves. There are many reasons for this educational omission, including religious bias and other types of homophobia. Ten years later, lesbian couples make up a majority of civil marriages in Massachusetts and civil unions in Vermont; and some of the strongest voices for marriage equality have been lesbians, from the pioneering lawyer Mary Bonauto to writer E.

There has been some loss of unique gay culture
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