They see their company as offering opportunities for gay people

This family-owned chain of 99 supermarkets — with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts — shares its products with the less fortunate. The senior leaders—primarily older men—who make decisions about how much to invest in diversity and which initiatives to fund lack a clear understanding of how big the problems are or where those problems lie.

If it were a decade ago, Geng could never imagine having gotten this far.

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  • When it comes to sexual harassment, there is an information gap. And in , they decided to take this support even further with the addition of telecommuting and remote work options.
  • But I think, as the activism continued, executives were also persuaded that supporting LGBTQ equality was the right thing to do. Overall, a friendly atmosphere.
  • Gay men, like lesbian women, are far more likely to hear demeaning remarks about themselves or others like them and to feel discouraged from talking about their personal lives at work. White men are the least committed to diversity.

Compared to other women, women Onlys are less likely to think that the best opportunities go to the most deserving employees, promotions are fair and objective, and ideas are judged by their quality rather than who raised them.

Women are far less confident that reporting sexual harassment will lead to a fair investigation. It is only available through Citizens Advice.

They see their company as offering opportunities for gay people
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