Thus Napster and Gaydar can be seen

Gaydar is Real - Is It True?

Venkatesh V and Morris M Why don't men ever stop to ask for directions? I have gaydar, even though I am straight. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Thus Napster and Gaydar can be seen

Paul Williams, At stake, according to these specialized journalists, was whether monolithic corporate interests would usurp the Internet and file—sharing technologies created through the hacker ethos of open development and sharing. John Borland, New York: Broadway Books.

Here she is grabbing her breasts brazenly and irreverently while making a fishy kissy face, disqualifying herself from being seen as a sex object. The way that news organizations frame a particular subject, such as music or technology, can play a role in how we make sense of it Entman,

Thus Napster and Gaydar can be seen
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